Medical Tourism in Germany

Therapeutischer Tourismus

Medical Tourism:

According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization or the UN-WTO, one of the goals that travelers are determined to travel is to travel for the treatment of the disease. Yes, you just realized, traveling to cure illness.

With the advancement of communities and the expansion of medical services, various initiatives have been taken to send doctors to various regions, and in particular deprived areas around the world. But there are still many special medical services available only in some cities and countries, and people are inevitably forced to travel.

For this reason, the German company WÜLARU is ready to serve you in the field of # Tourism_Medicine or # Tourism_Salm. We will continue to review the company’s services.

For example, for a person with a specific illness and with insufficient information about Germany and specialized hospitals and even does not know where to start, WÜLARU is offering health tourism services.

WÜLARU is for you because you have a good knowledge of Germany, as well as a connection with the hospitals and the community of doctors and nurses, as well as having sufficient information about which hospitals in which German cities you have the specialization of your disease. And your companions will apply for a visa.

To get started and get a Medical Travel Visa, the company will receive medical records and send them to the hospital doctor for the disease.


You can choose an apartment of 1 to 4 rooms with a shower or bath. Large suites are equipped with two bathrooms, a microwave, a washing machine, an ironing set, satellite TV, a telephone and a high-speed internet connection.

Fare or car rental:

Our partner is trusted to rent a car and is always at your service. We use the airport service for you, and we provide all transportation services from the place of residence to the clinic, the hospital and the doctors.


If needed, we can send you an interpreter for the conversation with doctors and nurses to provide you with all the necessary information during your treatment and, if you need to visit a sightseeing place in Germany, your guide to your visit.


2 thoughts on “Medical Tourism in Germany

  • Hello,
    I am Dr. Seyedreza Samsamshariat, a surgical and clinical pathologist. I am the sole pathologist in Iran working in the (( Perinatal autopsy and pathology )) subspeciality. My papers and studies can be found in ISI journals as the one that is found in (( international journal of advanced biothechnology and research (IJBR), online ISSN 2278-599X, Vol-8, Issue-2, 2017, pp1134-1138 ( )). I will be glad to have a journey to the Germany to present my researches and help the parents of the died fetuses, to find the reason of their fetus death by the diagnosis I make.

  • Hello,
    I will be glad to have a travel to the Germany. But I dont know the stages that should be passed by me for this travel to be done!. Please conduct me.

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